PAL- Personal Access Line

The following is a “map” of a “PAL” phone call. This example includes all options possible. Each member will be given only those options which pertain to them.

Call PAL at 764-7602 or 764-3752 or 1-888-755-5506
“PAL” answers the phone.

  • Enter member account number
  • Enter member security password
  • “PAL” confirms your identity
  • Choose one of the following 5 options:
  1. To end this phone call and hang up
  2. Share information
    • Enter the number which corresponds to the share type you wish to inquire about
    • Enter the suffix for which Share type you wish to inquire about
    • Choose one of the following options:
      • Available balance
      • Transfer money to draft (from other share types)
      • Enter a date range to hear recent history
      • Find a check number
  3. Loan Information
    • States loan balances, monthly payment amounts and next payment due date.
    • Which loan would you like to access
      • Transfer regular payment from Regular Shares
      • Transfer regular payment from Draft
  4. Enter new 6 digit personal access code
  5. Credit Union hours
  • Go back to “Choose one of the following 5 options:”

General Information:

  1. One call may consist of 9 check numbers being verified. You give the draft number and “PAL” will tell you the amount and date of posting if it was cleared within the last year.
  2. Listing of last 10 days activity include all items that appear in history. (ie: ACH, ATM, VISA payments, payroll, deposits, withdrawals, share draft clearings, etc.)
  3. All password changes will take effect immediately
  4. Transactions must be in even dollar amounts (no cents). $5.00 is entered as “5” followed by the # sign.
  5. If you make a mistake at any time, press the * button to start over. This will take you to the previous step inthe transaction or inquiry, and “PAL” will repeat the instructions.

Call PAL Today! – 764-7602 or 764-3752 or 1-888-755-5506